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Roku Jizo in Osaka

One of six jizo statues at a cemetery in Osaka

One of the six jizo statues that form a set called Roku Jizo. Roku Jizo can be found at temples all over Japan, and this particular statue is located in a local cemetery not far from where I live in Osaka.

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Rakan at Daienji Temple in Tokyo

Stone statues of rakan at the Buddhist temple Daienji in Tokyo, Japan

Rakan or Arhats were the five hundred disciples of the Buddha. Although my favorite place to see stone statues of rakan is Otagi Nenbutsu-ji Temple in Kyoto, Daienji Temple in Tokyo also has unique statues of rakan in a very different style. If you are interested in Buddhist statues such as rakan and jizo as I am, the best source of information I have found is the website onmarkproductions.

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Another Jizo from Zojoji Temple in Tokyo

A statue of jizo with flower offerings at Zojoji Temple in Tokyo

I liked this jizo at Zojoji Temple in Tokyo because of the flowers surrounding it. Even though they are plastic blossoms, they still speak of a mother’s love for her lost child.

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The Next Month

Yesterday I had photo sessions with both a maiko and a geiko on the same day, and the next month will be just as busy. I’ll be dedicating most of my time to actually making photographs, so I’ll only be posting photos on Wednesdays from now until June 17. After that I’ll start posting photos from everything I’m working on right now on Sundays and Wednesdays, as I usually do.

As always, I will reply to any comments I receive in as timely a manner as possible. Thanks for your patience!

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